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A New Start

It has been such a long time since my last post, however, the stitching never stopped.

Circa 2016


All the blocks have been joined and the layers pinned together! Hope to have it quilted in the next couple of weeks.


Daisy Do



The rows were joined together while we were in Portugal and the layers put together before we returned home. Since then the quilting has been slow and enjoyable .The large white stitches are now nearly covering  the flowers and I am working on the borders. Hope to make a multi coloured binding. I will post more photos when it is finished.

Kaleidoscope Quilt


This quilt is a pattern from Stack N Whackier by Bethany S Reynolds it has been in my UFO box for some years and I have always loved the colour! So it was time to layer it up and now it will be machine quilted before Easter as I want to take it back to Portugal.

I will come back next week and tell you my to do list for 2017.

A big thank you to all that have stopped by while my blog had a break.

Happy New Year




Blog Hop and Daisy Do update


The New Quilt Bloggers Hop is back this week after a short break.



Please go check out these great blogs from my group








Then visit our hosts, where you will find more new bloggers and prizes to be won






Daisy Do update


Had hoped to have all the rows finished by the end of June, just ran out of time!

So now have set the finish date for the end of July.  Just 3 more rows to add and then the border.

Things are a little slow, sewing wise, over the summer. Will post when there is progress or news to share.

Have a great summer or if you are in colder climes keep warm.

Happy stitching


Daisy Do rows

The rows have now been completed lengthways and the next stage can start, feels good! I have set a date of July 1st to join the rows and add a border.


There are 77 flowers consisting of outer petal, inner petal and middle. I have tried to use a different fabric for each flower. For the centres I purchased a bag of 40 small scrap pieces  from e-bay and a layer cake was needed to complete the flowers.

Have a great weekend and happy stitching






Daisy Do update

Still busy  cutting out and adding the joining pieces . A little slower than I would have liked, never mind!




Had to take the two completed rows outside to get them all in. Only trouble being it was very windy.

The piecing is going well , better than expected with such small pieces. Just  need to take care in cutting  the joining pieces . Had a few problems in cutting out the template small enough on those skinny points. The card used tended to twist so Hubby cut me out some plastic templates. The little wheel for the 1/4 inch tends to slip off the edge. Perseverance is needed!

Happy stitching



Daisy Do flowers completed

All the flowers have been completed and now it’s a matter of cutting out the 266 pieces for the background. Trying to have the quilt put together by the end of June. Works out that I will need to sew at least 2 pieces a day. Think that will be possible ?





These are the half flowers for the edge of the quilt




Had a go at adding the joining pieces . The book gives instruction to do them in rows . Just wanted to see how the seams come together . All the measurements are fine just need to watch that the point of the background piece matches the point on the small petal.






The point of the joining piece is off centre.


Here is where the points needs to meet .

Didn’t get the piecing right first time.







Pinned this piece and started sewing from the middle out and it seemed to work for me.





Happy stitching and enjoy your week.


Daisy Do. 60-66

Managing to keep up the pace and finish another 7 flowers this week, just love making them. With certain colour combinations I keep thinking that would make a great quilt. Not enough time or space for all those quilts!




Started a new project last week a quilt along at Temecula Quilt Company

They post a new block every Friday until the quilt is complete. It was good to get back on the sewing machine after all the hand piecing.

From week one


Week two and using up more of those scrap fabrics.

Purchased 3 miters of white fabric for the back ground of Daisy Do quilt and hope to start cutting this week . I noticed on Australian Etsy that you can purchase the templates that have been laser cut . May well have gone for these if I had seen them sooner. The postage is expensive as the pieces are very delicate with the narrow points so need special delivery. Not seen them for sale anywhere else.

Check out the other Jen Kingwell quilt along stitches here as Janan has started her Daisy Do quilt.

Happy stitching



Daisy Do flowers 53-59

A good week 7 more flowers made and 18 more full flowers to make.




My layer cake arrived this week and the cutting for the next batch started. On e-bay there was a site selling a selection of layer cakes with a great discount, so I chose Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell who designed this quilt.


This week Meadow Mist Designs are running a pattern writing blog series.

They can be found here

I have put together very simple quilts but normally work from a pattern. Thought it would be interesting to tag along and see what I could come up with.

Happy stitching