Cica 2016

Just love these tiny blocks !

imageA couple more blocks for the collection , still no idea what we are going to do with them , will it be this Friday when we find out?

You can check out this quilt along at at

Happy stitching





4 thoughts on “Cica 2016

    1. Thanks Kate, I must admit tiny squares are not normally my thing, however, only having a couple to make in a week I,m really enjoying them.


  1. Pretty blocks – it’s interesting that your link to the site makes it looks like it’s a store in the United Kingdom, when in fact it’s here in southern California! I haven’t visited their store yet, but did collect the patterns for the 12 days of Christmas quilt a few years ago- (also still on their blog I just checked) The posts are here:
    Nice to meet you and thanks for sharing.


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