William’s quilt

The back of the quilt is done !  I started quilting it with straight line quilting.  Didn’t like it and spent the afternoon picking out those stitches.

Just couldn’t resist this jungle panel, however, lining up back and front and finding a quilting pattern that looks good on both sides is giving me trouble.

Now I’m going to sit and have a cup of tea in the garden, while the sun is out, thinking about how it should be quilted.




Wish me luck!

Happy stitching




11 thoughts on “William’s quilt

  1. Williams quilt is lovely. Would you like my thoughts in quilting? I would outline all the animals in the panel and maybe some of the leaves too, or animal outlines in the larger spaces. I’d then outline the first border, then around all the letters, and do some more animal outlines in the boarder same as the ones in the panel. Yes, I have done a similar panel, for my youngest granddaughter, I did it by hand. Go on, you know you want to, and there is always the machine.


  2. Very beautiful and I agree with Kate, outlining the animals would be lovely. It’ll do the job of holding your layers together and add enough texture without overshadowing the pattern/design of the panel.


  3. This is just darling! Like Kate, I think I’d quilt around the animals. I might do a cross hatch in the border, but not over the letters. Tale your time to decide. It will come to you!


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