Circa 2016

We are having a mini heat wave here in the south east of England and it feels great to see and feel the sunshine. So it’s out in the garden to take my photos. I’m playing catch up again with the Circa 2016 blocks.


I don’t  know the name of this block, it may not have one?


This is Churn Dash, I have been wanting to do this block for some time. Love the bright orange tulips they give the garden a real lift.


Not sure about this block it’s called Bow tie .


The shrub is called Exochorda Macrantha or commonly known as The Bride.

I now have 22 three inch squares and wonder what we are going to do next? Perhaps we will find out on Friday! You can follow the Circa 2016 quilt here a new block is revealed every Friday.

Happy stitching








4 thoughts on “Circa 2016

    1. Thank you, we have a very small garden but I like to pack it with as much colour as possible. Finding the 3 inch blocks have the convenience of fitting in tiny spaces for photos.


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