Daisy Do rows

Advances are being made on the Daisy Do quilt and there are now 4 rows joined length ways. Will join all the rows length ways before joining them across and then there is the border to think about!

Quilt pattern by Jen Kingwell


Do you ever listen to podcasts ? I’m addicted to quilt programmes on iTunes and listen while sewing.

This week on “Quilt your heart out “there was an interesting discussion on templates and after my problems with Daisy Do templates ! my ears pricked up. They were also talking to Gerald Roy about his quilt exhibition. You can listen to his lecture on YouTube ” Quilts and Color / The Pilgrim ” talking about his quilt collection  and the use of colour, I found it really interesting.


Going back now to sewing those flowers !

Happy Stitching everybody




6 thoughts on “Daisy Do rows

  1. Love Jen Kingwell. I just finished piecing The gypsy wife and getting ready to start Gene Pool. Nice to meet you.


    1. Thank you, Daisy Do is going to take me awhile to finish. Just love all the colour in Jen Kingwell quilts. Great to meet you look forward to meeting you on the hop.


  2. Another Jen Kingwell fan, lovely to meet you. I have the Gypsy Wife pattern but haven’t started it yet, I also have her book. I’ve been looking at some of your other posts too, you have a lovely colour sense and the photography course is paying off, I love how you took pics of blocks on your plants, I must copy that one. Shame everything dies in my very wet garden.
    It’s lovely we are in the blog hop together.


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