Back Home

We are back from our break in Portugal and I have managed to pick up a cough and cold, so feeling a bit under the weather.

Not felt much like sewing but there was one job that needed doing, sorting the scrap boxes!!!

How to sort ?

Ended up sorting one box suitable for Circa 2016

The larger pieces went into a bag and the smaller will be used to make the 120 half square triangles that will be needed.

The other box contains the rest of the scraps!!

I wonder what project these will be used on?

Then we are left with the recycling bag

It was so difficult to throw these out but at least with recycling they are not wasted.
Now my work table is all clear and far too tidy.

Hope you are able to get some stitching done this week.

I’m listening to an audio book The Magician’s Apprentice by Trudi  Cavavan . Have ten more hours to go after that I should be ready to pick up my needle and thread.

Happy stitching