Daisy Do update

Still busy  cutting out and adding the joining pieces . A little slower than I would have liked, never mind!




Had to take the two completed rows outside to get them all in. Only trouble being it was very windy.

The piecing is going well , better than expected with such small pieces. Just  need to take care in cutting  the joining pieces . Had a few problems in cutting out the template small enough on those skinny points. The card used tended to twist so Hubby cut me out some plastic templates. The little wheel for the 1/4 inch tends to slip off the edge. Perseverance is needed!

Happy stitching




3 thoughts on “Daisy Do update

  1. I was very afraid of this happening, I think those pieces would be a struggle to piece together.
    The joining pieces are so small.
    What do you think about just appliqueing the flowers onto a background fabric?
    Or is it worth the struggle?????????
    I still love these blocks, but what a lot of time, and I have only had time to comlete a few of them!


    1. Hi Janan, sorry for taking so long to reply. I have been thinking about your question! Looking on Instagram there are some people using the appliqué method with success. This week I managed to get my third row completed and feel more comfortable with the small pieces. The one problem I do have is the bulk of fabric at the outer end of the small petal. Had a feeling this would be a troublesome.The instructions in the book say press seems inwards but because of the point there is no way they sit well. Then when you add the joining pieces there is even more bulk. Still trying to work this out as could be a problem when quilting. Think you have to go with what’s comfortable for you . A quilt completed is better than sitting in the UFO box.


  2. Thanks for your reply, I may have to think about this, while I stitch a few more flowers!
    I’m thinking it must be hand quilted too!


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