Photo 101 day 4

A little catching up to do as I missed day 2&3 so today trying to incorporate all the tips so far.
Using wide angle
Horizontal photo
Focal point
Using captions



We call this our pond, only tiny but it’s the home to a couple of goldfish.

In this photo wide screen was used and taken with the camera horizontally . Have a lot of shadow as picture was taken midday . Added a few of my hexies as sewing has to get in somewhere.

Day four is titled “bliss” and apart from my family the other love in my life is fabric.



In this photo the cup and saucer is the focal point and I hope the other items add interest and tell you a bit more about my hobby.

Then just needed to mess about in editing

This hexie frame seemed just right for the hexie pieces.


Used vignette to make the cup and saucer stand out .


Which do do you like best the before or after? Or any comments would be good.

Looking forward to checking out how others have been doing!

Happy snapping


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