Today I have started a photographic course on WordPress and the first assignment was to learn about some of the settings on your camera. If you are like me then everything on your camera is set to auto. Every day we will be given a title and some photo tips. The title of today’s post is ” Home”

Hope to be able to fit the titles around my sewing activities. Great photos always entice me to stay longer on a blog and I would like to make my own photos just a little more interesting.

Home is where almost all my sewing is done. The spare bedroom has become my little sanctuary and when I am being creative it’s the best medicine for from the problems everyday living can give us.

This weekend time was spent catching up on the Circa 2016 quilt which you can find   here



The background embroidered piece was given to me by a friend it was a project his mother had been working on some years ago. Sadly she has passed away and it is now loved by me.

The circa 2016 is great to work on because there is a small amount of piecing every week, I’m using up some of my scraps and doing blocks that are new to me. Need to purchase some background fabric in the next couple of weeks to start putting the blocks together. What colour should I use?


Here is my first photo edited in PicsArt , it’s a free download, tried a few  changes to the image and liked this one



Looking forward to tomorrow with camera ready

Happy stitching


9 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve never tried PicsArt, but that’s cute what you did with it. Ooo…you have so many choices for a background fabric for that quilt. I guess the color depends upon which color in your blocks that you wish to emphasize. I stewed on it for a while and couldn’t decide what color I would choose! Nice post.

    I hope you have as much fun with Photo101 as I have. I’m participating for the third time!

    Have a great day!


    1. Thanks , your 3rd time on the course, we will be coming to you for plenty of ideas. Like both your posts but think I would go with the one you did with your daughter.

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