Daisy Do flowers 19-23

A few more flowers done, they are like my boxes of threads, I just like looking at all the wonderful colours.






I will spend a couple of hours today cutting out and enjoying a quiet Sunday.

Enjoy your week


2 thoughts on “Daisy Do flowers 19-23

  1. I love the blue Daisy at the top photo! I was searching for a seam wheel, could not find one in local shops, so I mentioned this to some of my Guild girlfriends, and lo and behold, one of my friends has one she is going to let me borrow. I can’t wait to try it. She also told me since these DaisyDo templates are very curvy, I could try to make a second template that has the seam allowance added. Trace template #1 first, then trace around with the second template. I may try this also. Have a “pieceful” day.


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