Back from my holiday

We have just come back from a week in Portugal a little work and  some relaxation.

This is the lemon tree just outside the back door . It was giving off the most wonderful scent when the new flowers were opening. The lemons are close at hand for g&t on the patio.

We  had a couple of visitors from the neighbouring village

One afternoon two horses arrived in the back garden. The grass was good and long , how could they resist? Hubby was a little disappointed when half an hour later someone was out looking for them. Hubby was inclined to leave them there a couple of days to munch their way through the grass, save him cutting it. The horses were led back a couple of miles to where they share a field with a flock of sheep.

I did manage to get a little sewing done whilst sitting in the sun

Some hexies from scrapes of fabric I have been saving up. I have seen some lovely kaleidoscopic ones so will have a go now I’m home.

Before we went away I managed to get my Christmas skirt sewn together, now just need to add batting and lining, then quilt.

Not sure why I made such a big skirt, we only have a small tree. Never mind!