Aged beauty

This is a table cloth I picked up in a Charity Shop it cost a couple of pounds. It looks like cut work . I don’t know how old it is , from the colour at least 50 yrs if not more, unloved and in need of tender care. Someone’s spent hours on this lovingly cutting and stitching the threads. It is large enough to cover my double bed and must have once covered a very large table and been admired as a beautiful piece of work. Do I have the skill to bring it back to life? I’m going to have a try it has to be better than in the bottom of a box where it would never be seen.

There is some repair work and a couple of stains. I will wash, repair and stretch It then try and back it with silk. I think it will make a wonderful quilt with hand embroidery and beads. I purchased a quilting class’s on Craftsy showing how to quilt these hand crafted pieces. So wish me luck with this beauty.